Warning! Incoming Rant!!!!

Arghhhhhh we just watched the end of Romeo and Juliet and I’m so annoyed!!!!

So lemme just get this straight Juliet doesn’t want to marry Paris, so she decides Oh yeah lets just go visit my local crackhead drug dealing priest to see if he can solve my problems for me. Then the priest is all like yeah you gotta fake your death so take this random blue drug that will look like you are dead and we will just send a letter to your actual husband who no one knows about. But oh no post service didn’t send the letter and the Romeo finds out Juliet is dead and is all like, if you don’t live then I won’t either ( I would just like to take the time to clarify that they have known each other for like 3 days) and then shoots a whole load of people to get to the place where Juliet is ‘dead’ then spends a whole time like making out with her even though she is ‘dead’ and then as soon as she wakes up, kills himself. Wow what great timing, like bro, maybe just check again before you go and poison yourself . So then Juliet shoots herself. Wow great story!

Image result for romeo and juliet tomb scene And lets not forget the major fire risk at the tomb! Like health and safety where you at?

Rant over sorry!

Oooooo Dramatic Quote!

“I dreamt my lady came and found me dead…

And breath’d such life with kisses in my lips

That I reviv’d and was an emperor.”

Romeo, Act 5, Scene 1, Line 6-9

Romeo speaks of a dream that he had the night before. In his dream Juliet found him dead, but when she kissed him she breathed life into his body and revived him. He then rose from the dead and became an emperor.

Two words in this quote that I find interesting are emperor and dead.

The definition of emperor is a sovereign ruler of an empire, I find the use of this word interesting because it is entirely out of context and maybe shakespeare just wrote it so that it reinforced that it really was just a dream.Dead is the other word that intrigued me. The definition of dead is no longer alive.

All together this quote really again just hints at what is going to happen in the near future although neither of them know what’s going to happen.

Oh look! Another quote!

“I would the fool were married to her grave”

 Dun,Dun,Dun (cue dramatic music)

– Lady Capulet, Act 3 Scene 5 Line 60

Oooooooo, So a little background info, basically Lady C goes to tell Juliet that she is to be married to Paris on Thursday, and then Juliet is like oh hell no and then Capulet comes in and is like bro you are marrying him just deal with it, I will drag you there, screaming if I have too. Then Lady C says “I would the fool married to her grave”, this basically means that she would rather Juliet die than not get married, but Juliet can’t get married to Paris because she is already married to Romeo but her parents don’t know about that and think that she hates Romeo because he killed Tybalt.

One part that amuses me a little bit is that Lady C calls Juliet a ‘fool’ – I think this I supposed to insult Juliet but I am just internally laughing at how different insults are in our time.

The funny thing is that (spoiler alert) little does Lady C know but it actually happened- Juliet literally got married to her grave in the sense that the arranged marriage with Paris and her short marriage with Romeo actually kills her. So this leads back to the whole idea of pre-determined fate and that Juliet has no control at all over what happens and how Shakespeare shows this in his writing.


5 Minutes. Think!

‘Is love an invention created by humans?’

Arghh my brain…

I believe that love was not created by humans. When people think of love the first type of love they think about is romantic love, but there are many different types of love. For example there is the love from parents to child which is sometimes called ‘unconditional’ love. Do only humans love their children?   I don’t think so. Love for our children existed long before humans arrived, it was necessary for our evolution. Not only was love necessary for evolution but the acting of ‘loving’ releases many hormones which affect our brain…

5 Minutes. Think!

“Is a white sheet of paper more blank than a black sheet of paper?”

No and this question triggers me. If there is nothing on the paper it is blank. Therefore if the black paper and the white paper are equally blank then they are the some amount of blank!

5 Minutes. THINK!

“If I am being kind to you but you think I’m being horrible, am I being kind or not?”

I think that if you believe that you are being kind to someone but the person that you are being kind to doesn’t think that you are being kind then you both have very different views on what kind is…

Personally my internal definition of kind is to go out of my way to be nice to someone.

The formal definition of kind is having or showing a friendly, generous, and considerate nature.

So to answer the question I think that if you think you are being kind to someone but they think you are being horrible then you aren’t trying hard enough to be .

But if you want to be annoying another definition of kind is a group of people or things having similar characteristics. And as humans we are all the same kind so then the answer would be yes, you were being kind because we are all the same species!


Romeo & Juliet Quotey Thing Act 2 Scene 3

“…they stumble that run fast.”

I think that this quote can be applied to Romeo and Juliet in the sense that everything is Romeos and Juliet’s relationship happens very quickly. In terms of their relationship they are ‘running fast’; everything happens very quickly, they meet for the first time and decide that they are to be married. Whenever something is rushed or rash decisions are made something usually goes wrong, ‘stumbles’. So I think that this quote is talking about Romeo and Juliet’s fast pace relationship and the fate of the two star crossed lovers.

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