Description and Layering

City, petrol/car fumes, steep, dark, excitement!

Big, dark, spotlights, shoes, gold

Expensive, fancy, gold, sparkly, new.

Gold, sparkly, stilettos

Sitting on a fancy as shoe box, still


The smell of petrol burns your nose, the street is a steep decline with the sounds of cars rushing  past. Shivering you pull your coat tighter around you, you have mad regrets, all you wanted was some cookies.  Lampposts and passing cars are the sources of light. As you walk along the footpath many displays catch your eyes, from the distance you can see something catching the light. Dismissing it you keep walking focusing on the ground, the footpath is an uneven tiled pattern as it levels off. As you walk closer the glimmering light changes, now it’s a bright, in your face spotlight and it’s calling to you. Nearing the window the light changes again channelling down until it turns into a intense, mouth-watering, coruscating gold stiletto, with six inch heels, putting Jimmy Choo to shame. Overcome with want you stare for a few more seconds before you really take in your surroundings. Staring you take in the impressive gold fountain, glass stand and twinkling lights. You forget the chill, the cookies and everything else running through your mind, you need those shoes! You run towards the tiny white writing next to closed revolving doors, 8 more hours and then those shoes will be yours! Turning around walking back the way you came, the heels still in your mind, counting down the seconds until they are yours.

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