My New Chocolate Room

Confined within the constricting walls of glass, in the distance, you can see a great towering mountain. Nearing the great height you notice rivers of dense gooey liquid pouring down into a cracked volcanic landscape. A delectable aroma of caramelized sugar engulfs you as you take in the ruined scenery. Floating in the forceful liquid are pieces of the once alluring brownie earth. The scent of melting chocolate dances with the caramelized sugar as the brownie slowly melts in the furnace of fudge. With the mouth-watering aroma comes a succulent taste of chocolate and golden syrup. Streams of liquid hot sludge cascade down the everlasting peak as great trenches of lava divide the land. From high above you can barely make out the small figures scooping up the cooling magma and carting it off to goodness knows where.

The great glass elevator shakes as it changes direction, angling down, a rocket landing on a new foreign planet. Approaching the tormented earth the heat intensifies. Perching on a floating piece of melting goodness all the other details hit you like a rock. The way the smoke curled up around the bottom of the glass elevator like your own protective nest. How you can hear the crashing and boiling of the lava from the depths of the earth. Your taste buds are overwhelmed with the flavours of condensed milk, caramelizing sugar and melting chocolate. The softening earth beneath the elevator and the cracking and crashing as a piece of the colossal volcano tumbled down the considerable height only to be replaced by more solidified sugary magma.

Fishing in the great trenches Oompa Loompa’s haul up their bubblegum pink buckets chucking the gooey lava into giant carts. Railways crisscross over the land and mining carts full with cooling liquid sludge are being carted away to the depths of the factory to be made into Whipple-scrumptious fudgemallow delight, strawberry flavoured chocolate coated fudge and whatever other marvellous, mysterious magic Mr Wonka makes. Pressing your face up against the cold glass your senses are overwhelmed. The tortured terrain is wickedly beautiful, captivating yet menacing. Your face is still pressed against the glass, unable to tear your eyes away from the fascinating sight as the great glass elevator glides up into the sky and far away until the peak is little more than a brown dot on the horizon.

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