Oh look! Another quote!

“I would the fool were married to her grave”

 Dun,Dun,Dun (cue dramatic music)

– Lady Capulet, Act 3 Scene 5 Line 60

Oooooooo, So a little background info, basically Lady C goes to tell Juliet that she is to be married to Paris on Thursday, and then Juliet is like oh hell no and then Capulet comes in and is like bro you are marrying him just deal with it, I will drag you there, screaming if I have too. Then Lady C says “I would the fool married to her grave”, this basically means that she would rather Juliet die than not get married, but Juliet can’t get married to Paris because she is already married to Romeo but her parents don’t know about that and think that she hates Romeo because he killed Tybalt.

One part that amuses me a little bit is that Lady C calls Juliet a ‘fool’ – I think this I supposed to insult Juliet but I am just internally laughing at how different insults are in our time.

The funny thing is that (spoiler alert) little does Lady C know but it actually happened- Juliet literally got married to her grave in the sense that the arranged marriage with Paris and her short marriage with Romeo actually kills her. So this leads back to the whole idea of pre-determined fate and that Juliet has no control at all over what happens and how Shakespeare shows this in his writing.


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