Warning! Incoming Rant!!!!

Arghhhhhh we just watched the end of Romeo and Juliet and I’m so annoyed!!!!

So lemme just get this straight Juliet doesn’t want to marry Paris, so she decides Oh yeah lets just go visit my local crackhead drug dealing priest to see if he can solve my problems for me. Then the priest is all like yeah you gotta fake your death so take this random blue drug that will look like you are dead and we will just send a letter to your actual husband who no one knows about. But oh no post service didn’t send the letter and the Romeo finds out Juliet is dead and is all like, if you don’t live then I won’t either ( I would just like to take the time to clarify that they have known each other for like 3 days) and then shoots a whole load of people to get to the place where Juliet is ‘dead’ then spends a whole time like making out with her even though she is ‘dead’ and then as soon as she wakes up, kills himself. Wow what great timing, like bro, maybe just check again before you go and poison yourself . So then Juliet shoots herself. Wow great story!

Image result for romeo and juliet tomb scene And lets not forget the major fire risk at the tomb! Like health and safety where you at?

Rant over sorry!

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